RUN System Unique Internship

Our unique internships bring real experience of multi industry to your life, offer many opportunities to run your potential


Available Roles

- Active Students Major from Industrial Engineering,
Accounting, Management, Business, or related fields
- Passed RUN System test
- Able to work in team and individual
- GPA min 3.0
- Strong desire to learn a long with professional drive
- Technology Savvy
- Passion for the start-up company in technology industry
- Have analytical and conceptual thinking
- Duration (6 Months)

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- All major, Business, Industrial Engineering, Accounting, Management is a plus.
- Have analytical and conceptual thinking.
- Have negotiation and persuasion skill.
- Have knowledge of Business Process is a plus.
- Good attitude and communication at all levels of the bussiness.
- Able to work as individual or team.
- Willing to be placed in Yogyakarta.

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